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Anxiety and constant dread make for an exhausting and intolerable day to day life.   Heart is pounding, stomach is upset, and you feel jittery and shaky.  Hard to focus or concentrate on things for long, you can’t get your work done. Worry or ruminating thoughts fill your brain. Can’t fall asleep or stay asleep.

Anxiety makes your life smaller. Avoidance of social gatherings, places, driving, going to the doctor, becomes a regular practice. Driving anxiety, healthy anxiety, social anxiety, compulsions like hand washing, checking behaviors manifest and shrink your world. Irritability makes relationships as tense as your body feels.  Panic attacks that convince you that you are having a heart attack and can’t breathe. Times when your surroundings don’t feel real, like you are in a movie or video game or looking through a fun house mirror at a fair.

You are just so “done.”

I understand and can help.

I begin by explaining the biology behind threat in a simple way so that you know why your mind is causing you hell. I can guide you learning simple mind and body exercises to calm your overworked nervous system and rewire your brain so that you can choose safety over fear thoughts. Together we make a doable plan to manage the worry and come up for air and swim instead of being dragged under by the overwhelm.   You come to find that you no longer run from anxiety, and instead feel empowered to take it on.  Together we find ways to put it in the back seat so you can get to where you want to go in your life.

Ready to stop the worry, shift that relationship with anxiety from beast to petty annoyance? Call me 714) 941-2257 or email me to schedule a brief consult to begin your healing journey at my office located in Tustin CA or by video conference. Move out of that freeze state and get started today!

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