Expectations in Grief – When can I be done?

Some of us go through the grief process and have this idea that we are going to be feeling better, different, or “back to normal” after a certain period of time.  This timeline is conceived from different places.  Family, friends, even the Diagnostic Manuel of Mental Disorders throw out timelines that really mess with us.  “People say I should be...[ read more ]

Stress, Anxiety and Grief when Changing Jobs

Nothing like a job change to bring on stress, anxiety and grief.  Whether it was your choice or a decision by management to “go in a different direction,” a flood of thoughts and emotions go through your head.  If it was you who quit, you may feel the rushed responsibility to complete work so that the ball doesn’t get dropped...[ read more ]

Grief from Loss of a Relationship

Break up, divorce, or dissolving a relationship is really tough mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  It is the death of a former relationship, and like the actual death of a loved one, produces symptoms of grief.  Sleep disturbances, whether it be in the form of insomnia or wanting to just sleep most of the time, loss of energy/fatigue, loss of...[ read more ]

 Health Anxiety- Googling Down the Rabbit Hole

Worry comes in all shapes and sizes and from different sources, but a common one is worry over one’s health symptoms.  Recently fueled by Covid-19, there is a great deal of awareness on physical conditions and now you find yourself conducting internet searches on symptoms. What you may find can turn out to be quite alarming and ignite anxiety. Let’s...[ read more ]

Grief and the Thanoversary- Anniversary of the Death of a Loved One

“He died a year ago today…it’s been five years now since the death of… 22 years ago my sweetheart passed…” These time markers- a year, 2 years, 10, 30 years etc. are hard. We go through the day-to-day life without the person, dealing with the grief, having some fair or even good days and some rough, but somehow the day...[ read more ]

Driving Anxiety or Driving Phobia
Driving with Decreased Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety when driving is a common experience with those who worry or stress, and can be especially evident after a car accident.  Something scary happened to you or a loved one while on the road and you are now stressed about driving or being a passenger when others drive.  You get in the car, and then you start feeling it....[ read more ]

Depersonalization and Derealization in Anxiety and Panic- Feeling like You’re not Real

Those people who have never experienced this super unsettling, confusing, and frightening feeling may think it’s really cool or interesting.  But when you look at your hand and it looks like it’s moving under water, or like it’s a video game version of your hand, well that’s terrifying.  You start to question all of your reality, like what’s real and...[ read more ]

Grief and the Holidays

Last week was Thanksgiving.  Today is the beginning of Hannukah.  In a few weeks there is Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year. Like punches to your stomach, you may feel pummeled.  It is very hard. The word “celebrate” just feels wrong.  Or “happy,” like” Happy Hanukkah “or” Happy Holidays” or “Happy New Year.”   Not a lot of “happy“going around when someone...[ read more ]

Panic Attacks:  Bottom Line- You are OK

They often feel like they come out of nowhere.  Your body responds in ways that if you didn’t know, you would think you are having a heart attack.  It is why you may go to the ER- can’t breathe, are nauseated, have increased heart rate, sweat, have feelings of absolute dread and impending doom, feel like things aren’t real or...[ read more ]

Grief and “The Messy Middle”

There comes a time in your grief journey when you have experienced the initial loss and are now waiting for “the time” when things can go “back to normal.”  In the United States, we have adopted this idea of it being on a certain timeline.  Your work may define it as 2 or 3 days, friends and family may define...[ read more ]

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