Five Minute Movement Experiential to Quell Fearful Thoughts


1) Get into a relaxed position.

2) Focus in on your breathing and notice the small movement changes in your body with every inhale and exhale.

3) Focus in on your fingers and move them in a way you associate with the fearful thought. Notice the qualities it has, the pace of the movement, the tension of the muscles as you repeat the movement in your fingers.

4) “Freeze,” or stop the movement in your fingers.

5) Hold that position. Use your imagination to think of an image of support surrounding those “frozen” fingers and then move your fingers.

6) Find a way to slowly stop the movement in your fingers. Jot down a few words that come to mind to describe your thoughts or feelings. Think of one source of support you can access to help you with your feelings of fear, possibly a friend, family member, a leisure or spiritual activity. Write down a plan to connect with that support in the next few hours/day.

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