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To Grief from Death of a Loved One

The pain you are feeling as you grieve is indescribable. You believe no one truly understands your suffering; it is so deep and very personal.  You are a operating on auto-pilot, accomplishing the many tasks and responsibilities like a machine.  Everything feels surreal, like in a dream.  Did this really happen?  Why now?  Why like this? You feel isolated and alone.  Friends try to comfort you and it’s awkward since words just don’t help a majority of the time.   It is a paradox – sometimes you want the world to know just how much pain you are in, but then you want to be left alone, isolating yourself, embarrassed if someone catches you crying, or not crying. You want to be around others in one moment, but then you don’t in the next.  You tell the story, over and over again, almost compulsively.  Nights are the worst…so long.   Will the suffering ever cease?  Will you ever feel joy again?  It doesn’t feel possible.  Your life will never be the same.

Support through this painful time is accomplished through many resources.  Friends, family, and community all serve a role in recovery.  I have found the extensive research by Davis Kessler as enormously valuable.  As a grief counselor, I offer gentle guidance as you weather the storm of emotions, allowing you the time and space to feel all of the feelings.  You find a safe place to mourn the loss, learn about the grief process,  and discover tools you can use to help you cope with this heart-wrenching experience.   Together we come to plan a future for you that is hopeful and worth living.  Feel free to call me at (714) 941-2257 for a free 15 minute consultation to find out if we can work together in your grief recovery.

Grief from Loss of a Relationship or Divorce

The pain you have at the end of a relationship is deep and gut- wrenching.  You are in grief, and are experiencing one or more of the five stages as identified by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross – denial, disbelief, bargaining, anger, acceptance – but your ex is still living. It’s so hard because you not only lose the person and the companionship you once had, but the future and the dreams of what could have been. 

Your life beliefs, your understanding of the world has changed, leaving you to question.  What is the meaning of it all?  Will you ever find happiness?  Will you ever be able to trust again, find love again?  Your self-esteem is shot, your self-confidence is shaky.  And what about the friends you had when you were a couple?  Many of those are gone too.  So now you have to find new friends. It is all so much to deal with and so difficult to perform the daily activities of just getting up and taking care of yourself and possibly others, not to mention work and other responsibilities.  You have difficulty sleeping, eating is not right, the dreams and nightmares, no motivation – you just don’t care about anything anymore.  What’s the point?

Well, there is a life worth living that has incredible potential. I can help you through this tough time and guide you to find meaning and purpose once again.  I can help you identify your strengths and rebuild your self-confidence so that you can love and enjoy yourself.  Create a life that brings you greater peace and fulfillment once again.  Call (714) 941-2257 for a free 15 minute consultation to explore how as a grief therapist I can guide you through this transformative time.

Grief from Miscarriage or Death of a Child

You have a sadness that is bottomless.  So many dreams for that child and the life that would have been.  Should have been.  No one can understand what it’s like to lose the being that once was in you – in your body, in your heart.  You feel numb, detached.  The mental and physical pain you experienced was surreal.  The image of the doctor confirming your fear -that you were no longer pregnant. Your child had died. Broken expectations, excitement ripped away from you, hope crushed.  Loved ones attempt to console you, saying that you can try again.  You are unsure if you even want to get pregnant again…you are wondering if it’s worth the pain of a possible repeated loss.

You may seek solace with me,  a compassionate professional who can guide you in your recovery from this loss.  Together we can forge a plan of action to do things that can help you gain the strength to face daily tasks and responsibilities and discover hope-filled future.  Call (714) 941-2257 for a free 15 minute consultation to see if I can help support you through this excruciating time.

Grief from Loss of Role and Life Transition

You know it’s expected as one of life’s transitions, yet no one really prepared you for its impact.   Your child going to college or moving out, or your retirement– you are so excited, and anxious, and sad.  The tearful outbursts come, you walk around in a daze, your sense of purpose lost.  Unsure how to navigate this terrain, you take on new activities that fall short of your expectations. Fears emerge, regrets surface.  You’ve been thrown into an unfamiliar void and it is uncomfortable and unproductive.   You may have trouble sleeping and finding motivation to complete tasks, have difficulty making decisions, remembering a previously crazy, yet meaningful life.

You are hurting and may benefit from some professional assistance on this new path.  As a woman who has walked down a similar road, I can provide a safe place for you to express your feelings and mourn the loss, offering tools to manage the fearful thoughts and the anxiety from the unknown.  Call me (714) 941-2257 for a free 15 minute consultation to ask any questions on this type of grief and inquire about how I can best serve you in this life transition.

Grief from Loss of Job or Loss of Employment

You thought that your job was secure and everything was going OK. Then the pandemic hit and the job that was considered stable is now “non-essential” or due to restrictions just no longer performed. Or suddenly you hear that your company is “restructuring “ and your position has been terminated. It’s mind-boggling- like someone just pulled the rug out from under your feet. Can’t even think of what to do next, and certainly not prepared to make any life adjustments. Your self esteem sinks, it’s hard to focus, you feel so defeated, confused and angry.

Together we mourn the loss. As a grief therapist, I witness your grief, supporting you as you delve into feeling the emotions associated with the loss. From there we move forward in the grief process, exploring thoughts and behaviors that are less helpful and identify new actions you can do mentally and physically that promote healing. We then focus on problem- solving solutions and uncovering options and opportunities. I assist you in identifying your strengths and skills so that a hopeful plan is unveiled, leading to increased life satisfaction and a brighter future. Call me for a free 15 minute consultation (714) 941-2257 to look into the possibility of working together so you can move forward in your life re: work.

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