Therapy for Anxiety and Stress for Women

Anxiety and the looming sensation of constant dread makes for an exhausting day to day life.   The threats are mounting and you don’t know if you can realistically handle them. Avoidance is your go-to move since then you don’t have to deal with the increased heartrate, sweating, fearful feelings, right?   Well, here is a secret- the more you avoid, the worse it gets.  Your life is now more restricted, relationships get tense, you keep worrying and feel horrible.  You don’t see a way out and you end up running to coping behaviors that you later regret.  You may struggle with panic attacks that convince you that you may be in serious danger. You may be experiencing times when your surroundings don’t feel real, like you are in a movie or video game (derealization) or that you are not in your body (depersonalization) followed by a horrible sense of dread or doom. Or you get terrible headaches, insomnia, stomach issues, so irritable and on edge, so tired and at a loss on how to make things better.

I can guide you in discovering the courage to face the fears instead of avoiding them.  Identify areas of strength to build from so to gain the confidence to tackle the tough stuff.  Break down the unbreakable walls and reveal the great life behind them.   Develop relationships that are supportive and joyful.


anxiety and stressStress Management for Women Professionals

The demands on the job are incessant.  You feel like they keep wanting more and more from you and you just can’t keep up.  The responsibility you have to make sure the business continues and co-workers and clients are satisfied is so intense- you fear you are going to drop the ball and damages will be irreparable.  They rely on you after all! There are not enough hours in the day and Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting leaves you depleted, spent.  You have no time for “self -care” and are too exhausted to even feed yourself much less others who depend on you.  And when you finally can go to bed, you lay there trying to fall asleep, but can’t.  You may catch a couple of hours and then then back on the hamster wheel do do it all again.  No light at the end of this tunnel.  You can’t imagine how to lighten the load- all help seems futile.

I can work with you to get a handle on the snowball effect of stress.  Together we look at the reality of the threats and the strengths, skills and resources you have to handle your stress and instill calm.  We look into recognizing the triggers for stress and practicing actions that help relax the body and mind so that we come from a mindset that is more thoughtful,  less reactive.  We harness the resilience and growth that each stressful situation teaches that helps us respond to future stressful situations with strength and fortitude.


What about stress management tips and tricks?

In my sessions, I also teach stress management techniques such as progressive relaxation, sensory grounding exercises, breathing exercises, guided imagery and mindset shifts to help you cope with and harness resilience from stress. Practicing these skills regularly can help calm your body and mind. You can then harness the energy, motivation and focus that can result from stress to cultivate a life you want.

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