Therapy for Anxiety and Stress

Sometimes you wonder if the stress will ever resolve.  I get it.  The things that are happening in your life feel overwhelming and you can’t get a break, going from bad to worse to unbelievable.  Maybe the latest will really put you over the edge.  It’s like a cycle of distress you can’t emerge from, like a mouse on an exercise wheel, you just keep running and running and doing.  How are you going to handle it? It’s like a maze…all solutions seem like they come to a dead end.  You have headaches, insomnia, your eating is disturbed, you feel so irritable and on edge, so tired and at a loss on how to make things better.

You can stop the wheel so you can get off and figure things out.  I can guide you in discovering the courage to face the fears instead of avoiding them.  Identify areas of strength to build from so to gain the confidence to tackle the tough stuff.  Break down the unbreakable walls and reveal the great life behind them. Find personal meaning from the stress that leads you to focus on your unique purpose in life.  Develop relationships that are supportive and joyful.

What about stress management tips and tricks?

In my sessions, I also teach stress management techniques such as progressive relaxation, sensory grounding exercises, breathing exercises, guided imagery and mindset shifts to help you cope with and harness resilience from stress. Practicing these skills regularly and at times of intense stress can help calm your body and mind. You can then harness the energy, motivation and focus that can result from stress to cultivate a life you want.




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