Therapy for Women with Stress or Anxiety and Women in Grief in Orange County

You are a woman struggling to keep your head above water, emotionally raw and exhausted from the stress or grief.  Avoiding commitments or social functions is now a thing you do.   You can’t focus, your head hurts, your stomach is a mess, you have a hard time concentrating and remembering things, find it hard making decisions, have difficulty sleeping, may notice everything bugs you, have crying spells. You feel alone in spite of others offering help or company.  People seem to say the wrong things.  You don’t know what to do and don’t see a way out

Women in pain from fear of threat (stress) or recovering from loss (grief and bereavement) have additional responsibilities – jobs, kids, significant others, friends, family – that make it difficult to find time to focus on healing.  We feel we don’t have the time!  But by not addressing the pain, we are damaging our mental and physical health, putting a strain on significant relationships, and suffering needlessly.

You can rest assured that I can help women who are stressed and at capacity.  I employ stress management techniques that mend and relax the frazzled nerves.  You learn how to find resilience and meaning from the stress so that you can once again embrace the inner calm and paradoxically the excitement of a fulfilled life.

Those of you who have experienced loss:  from death, loss of relationship, miscarriage, loss of role (kids going to college, empty nest, retirement) – I gently help you deal with the pain. and create a safe space to feel the feelings, mourn the loss, create new norms of daily life, and honor the love experienced.  Together we begin to focus on the joy of a new version of life very much worth living.



The therapeutic goals are individualized, but my hope for you is that you find a reduction in the physical and mental symptoms of stress and grief, improved self-awareness, and a discovery of new coping skills that you can employ so that you can create healthy options in facing life stressors and grief recovery.


Contact me today at (714) 941-2257 for a free 15 minute consultation and begin moving forward, finding peace, and reclaiming joy in your life.

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