Grief, Bereavement, and Anxiety Counseling in Orange County.

Loss changes everything.  Turns you upside down.  You live in a different reality and that reality is miserable.  You feel like someone should have told you about it sometime in your life because maybe you could have been more prepared for it- how it just sucks the life out of you.

Death of a loved one, miscarriage, loss of a relationship, divorce, loss of job, life transitions- change you.

You avoid and forget things, people.   Everything takes longer, like you are living in slow motion.  You don’t have the energy or desire to do things or go places.  Nothing matters.

You can’t remember what it was like to feel joy or peace. Or if you will ever be able to feel those again. Relentless, invasive thoughts and feelings bludgeon you continually. You get confused, walk around in a daze; everything is a blur. You are in real physical pain- your heart actually aches, your muscles are sore, you are exhausted. Sometimes you think you may be “losing it.”

It’s a hard way to live. You wonder how long this will go on. Will it get better? Or worse? Is this normal? Will I ever be myself again?

Or maybe it’s your anxiety that is relentless.  On edge, can’t shake the unease.  So stressed. So much to do and no time to do it!  You feel like you can’t relax and let go, so worried.  Fear about the future, regrets about the past- incessant thoughts berating you and having you second- guessing everything.  Didn’t do enough, you can’t get a hold of it and you are spiraling out of control. Headaches, stomach aches, sleepless nights, difficulty focusing, breathing, feeling trapped and hopeless.  Was that a panic attack you just had or is there something going on with your heart or chest? You are so tense and can’t relax,  No rest for the weary- falling down a hole and you don’t see an end.

I get it.

And I can help. As  a grief counselor, I gently help you deal with the pain, and create a safe space to feel the feelings, mourn the loss, create new norms for daily life, and honor the love experienced. Together we begin to focus on the joy of a new version of life very much worth living.

As a stress and anxiety therapist, I work with you to find ways to calm the storm and soothe a stressed and overtaxed mind and body. Together we can create new coping skills that you can begin to implement immediately to create greater peace day to day.

You may want to choose Dance Movement Therapy, and explore this powerful medium to relieve stress, heal grief, and manage anxiety.  Through movement you can express those thoughts and feelings that words cannot describe.  Since grief and stress live in the body, through movement you can use the body to help you relax, calm and soothe your mind. Or, if you prefer to stay with conversation, you can choose to just talk about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Goals in Grief Counseling and Anxiety Therapy

The therapeutic goals are individualized, but my hope for you is that you find a reduction in the physical and mental pain of anxiety and grief, improved self-awareness, and a discovery of new coping skills you can employ so that you can create healthy options in facing life stressors and healing in grief.


Contact me today at (714) 941-2257 for a free 15 minute consultation and begin moving forward, finding peace, and reclaiming joy in your life.

Telehealth sessions (phone and video counseling) are offered in addition to sessions held in person.

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